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The Sun Also Rises book review circa 2000

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The following is a review of the “Sun Also Rises” which I wrote in English class junior year of high school. It was created after reading approximately a quarter of the book before I gave up on it:

“The Sun Also Rises” is a very well written book that does things technically well. But, technically good doesn’t mean good. Hemmingway is very good at writing, but not at making books good. There is no plot and the setting doesn’t matter, Hemmingway does everything around the characters and the characters are all that matters. He portrays these people of the so called “lost generation” very well, perhaps too well. In portraying a boring subject matter, Hemmingway has also made a boring book. I constantly found myself turning to Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” to pull myself out of the drudge and boredom that is “The Sun Also Rises.” It’s too bad that such skill was wasted on such a bad book. “The Sun Also Rises” is one of those books that people claimed to have read when they really meant that they bought it. Commenting on “The Sun Also Rises” is only useful to make one to be a snobbish, intellectual bigot. “The Sun Also Rises” has added nothing to my library and I would use it as toilet paper than as reading material again. Skill doesn’t make a book good, there are many musicians who are very skilled, technically, but can’t play a lick of good music, Hemmingway is just like this. His words are crafted well and he does amazing things with them, but he just doesn’t deliver on the end where it matters. “The Sun Also Rises” is best put on a coffee table or in a library and left there to collect dust and be forgotten in the minds of men. The time spent reading this book would have been better spent doing anything else. The characters were boring and if I had my choice they never would have been birthed into the literary world. This book, “The Sun Also Rises” was a waste of trees, because of it I can not breathe quite as well anymore. You could say it took my breathe away, but that is only because it took away the things that changed the air so that I could breath. In short, if you see “The Sun Also Rises” in a book store run quickly. If someone tells you that you should read “The Sun Also Rises” punch them in the face and then kick them in the head. The End



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